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Premium Quality pendant. This pendant has passed our strength test. I hit the item with a heavy hammer 3 times and it didnt even mark

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This is a new revised design and way better quality than  previous product

No Chain is supplied with this pendant

Its a beautifull product, great quality

Made of Stainless Steel

2 reviews for Pendant. c

  1. W (verified owner)

    This pendant is sturdy, perfectly crafted, and alluring. Small enough to be worn around the neck or snuggled under a cock ring, it is a perfect addition to any worshiper’s collection. I enjoy keeping it by the computer and porn as I edge to stare at and charge with Energy for future purposes…

  2. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Awesome! Since I wear this pendant, my life changed. This pendant is highly charged with infernal power. You will feel very soon the power of Satan making you closer to HIM.

    • rexandmike

      Thankyou for that report. Reports also gives the business strength and reliability. something i am now questioning but not to satan, but i am asking other Satanists if they know of any other Satanists that have such powers that Satan has given me
      I have been told that with this up comming book, with a sequal planned then one just for Satanic Gay men and right now i have enough Data for the two books with some overflow for the 3rd.
      But i have been told that Satan wants me on the world Stage. Satan wants me at the top of the world stage and to expect public speaking, book signing etc whih is all a bit much for me, i will be happy to see 10 or 50 books but someone is expecting 1000s of books
      See how we go. who knows? Satan does.
      Regards Brother Graham

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