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STAINLESS STEEL & Metal in Black. this is our most popular cross pendant

We love reviews. All our products are dedicated to Satan before being shippped, then we didiciate the package to Satan for his supernatural power

Pictures are taken from real items in the daylight without photoshop or any fancy adding.

4 reviews for Pendant cross black

  1. Ariochelg (verified owner)

    Do you want to make a statement? then buy this inverted cross in black: I think is black metal , cool and cold : also guys buy one you wont regret it.

  2. rexandmike

    Father Graham,

    Lot of thanks for the items delivery, The letter arrived yesterday: holding the letter in my hand was electrifying , it was so good that I wanted to hold it for very long w/o opening.

    I was curious so I had to open after all: what a beautiful feeling when I hold the items: the cross is really awesome , I put it on and I had the feeling that it was burning in my chest. Because of lot of work I couldn’t try out the cock rings until late in the evening: fuck what a treat: I wanted to have such beautiful rings since ages : they are tight ( which I liked it very much) and the colour: wow!

    Dealing with ” Father Graham ” is really a treat: the service is out of this world and every thing is affordable, lets hope that Satan will give you the force to continue and you can expand as much as you wish!!

    I hope one day you’ll have again the chunky cock ring in black and red size medium.

    Thanks a lot for your excellent work and your kindness.

  3. rexandmike

    My Mentor Father Graham

    When i opened the package it was obviously charged with power.
    I’m thinking of getting more pendants and inverted cross so can use them for decoration in my altar.
    They are awesome wearing them. So I will need to get more. The bracelet is awesome. I want the silver next time I order.
    I want that huge 12 inch dildo it looks fucking awesome.
    Great piece for the altar, I keep cock rings because symbol of Satan and its perfect to pray too because I want to hang rosary beads from it

    -Jay, Miami, Florida, USA

  4. rexandmike

    Hail Brother Graham,

    I just wanted to tell you the new pendant in your merchandise is the best Satanic pendant I have ever seen. The design and colors are fantastic, Any Satanist would be proud and Honored to wear it.

    I also like the poppers mask, never before did I see one. Your designs and merchandise, makes me want it all. Hail Satan!!!
    Zagan D. Columbus Ohio

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