Lord Satan wants you to have the best induction possible, and Father Graham has put together several options

Each option has more products to enhance the experience and to carry it on in the future for a stronger and more powerfull walk with Satan

Why would you pay for a Ritual.
All mentor includes Prayer
1. Mentor service before Ritual by Skype, for questions and help.
2. Live video induction with Father Graham at specially presented room with Altar.
3. Great After sales service and help as you start this amazing journey and lifestyle.
4. Exclusive Videos on our new “Youtube” channel to encourage you to get closer to Satan.

Or go somewhere else and its free and all you get is how to commit , and your left to find out for yourself .
Whereas this service includes Prayer which is a tremendous advantage
Satan is serious stuff and to get the best you get what you pay for.

Hail Satan. love life, Satan is freedom.