Why Mike and i got to producing this web site of products

I am retired, and Mike wanted a business he could run from Home and alleviate his employment as a food process worker in a large factory, and he wanted purpose and doing something fun and not the boredom of his employment. 

I resourced and discovered products from many countries in which many have been manufactured specifically to our requirements for you to wear with pride. 

Mike and I live in a small country town near Melbourne, Australia. We have been together for 17 years and we have traveled the world extensively.

We offer products to you to enhance your experience to live as you wish.

There are some exciting new products coming with some invented by us including Magic circles, and two  EBooks to enhance your life and hopefully give you purpose and happy life as we have. These books are mainly for men but it’s for all LGBT and same – sex couples.

This is an Australian Business and bound by the Strict Australia trading laws, and you have every confidence in dealing with us.